Pakistan: Balochistan Floods/Snowfall 2017 - DREF final report Operation n° MDRPK013


Description of the disaster

Continuous heavy rains and snowfalls broke the record of many years in Baluchistan province, and caused widespread flooding across 3 districts of Baluchistan from 17 to 22 January 2017. Government declared the emergency in 3 most affected districts and called for assistance for 60,000 families that were affected by onset of disaster situation in Baluchistan. Government also requested PRCS to support affected population.

PRCS launched an emergency response operation in the affected areas and provided emergency relief from its existing stocks. PRCS completed a detailed assessment through available response teams and assessed over 6,000 households in affected districts.

As per government reports, 13 people died and 650 people suffered injuries. These reports were published on NDMA website. PRCS response teams provided first aid service to around 30 injured people during emergency distribution process. PRCS Provincial Branch upgraded the disaster management response level and established disaster control room in PHQ Quetta and coordinated with other stakeholders.