Pakistan: Addressing the most urgent needs

from ACTED
Published on 19 Feb 2013 View Original

ISLAMABAD [ACTED News] - Pakistan is behind in its progress of meeting the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in the areas of poverty alleviation, improving literacy rates, improving the ratio of girls’ attendance at school, reducing infant and maternal mortality rates and funding for social sector programs, according to a UNDP draft report. The report also highlights an urgent need to improve access to water and sanitation, an objective shared by ACTED in Pakistan. Teams are supporting urgent water, sanitation and hygiene needs of 75 flood affected communities in North Sindh Province, with support from the United States Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance. Activities include critical restoration of hand pumps, the provision of chlorination kits for hand pumps and water containers for the safe storage of water. Additionally, distributions of hygiene kits and hygiene promotion sessions are also being provided to these communities.