North Waziristan Displacements Situation Report #4, 8th August 2014

Situation Report
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Sources of Information: Reports from Partners/Field Office, NDMA, Desk based Research and UNOCHA Sitrep #8

• HRF Pakistan is sharing these situation reports for its donors and supporters, residing nationally and internationally, in order to launch a humanitarian response for IDPs.

92,702 Families (995,515) Individuals crossed over North Waziristan Agency and have been registered as displaced persons.

61 families (395 persons) have opted to stay in at Baka Khel (FR Bannu) located near Baran Dam.

• Rs. 346.152 Million has been distributed to 28,846 families @ Rs. 12,000 per family (Rs. 5,000 for kitchen sets and Rs. 7,000 for ration purchase). Cash Disbursement has been stopped from 6th July 2014. Government of Punjab has started the distribution of Rs. 7,000 per registered displaced persons family per month through Zong Timepay.

Food Packets Distributed: - 111,421 (Army/UAE = 68,905 Packs and WFP = 42,516 Packs)
- Punjab Government has sent Flour/Rice (6,000 bags each, 30 trucks)

• Non Food Items Distributed:
- 32,683 (NRC+UNHCR+SRSP)

• Tents and Others Facilities Provided:
- PDMA KP has handed over 1,000 tents to DC Bannu.
- NDMA has handed over 12x 3.5kva Generators, 1,500x Plastic Mats, 24x Shelters to FDMA.
- Punjab Government has sent 50 trucks carrying Tents (20 trucks).

• Priority needs remain around food, health, protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene activities. Urgent funding resources are needed to continue scaling up the humanitarian response.

Planned Activities by TABA/HRF/KAWISH led consortium: NFIs for 300 Families, Hygiene Kits for 1,000 families, 500 Clean Delivery Kits, 50 kits for TBAs, 13 Water Hand Pumps, Herbal Medicine Sets for 2,000 families, Mobile Health Unit in Bannu, Reproductive Health Services and Medicine Donations for Public Health Facilities. Working, in terms of research, would be done in order to activate a food voucher system.

Human Relief Foundation has conducted a Rapid Assessment and the details on the following pages have been collected during the visit conducted by HRF Officials and Volunteers. We are thankful to Community Advancement and Rural Empowerment (CARE), local NGO, for their support. We are re-sharing the assessment.

Funding received by HRF from other institutions: Qatar Charity, Being Humanitarian, TABA Foundation and Pakistan Citizens Alliance.