North Waziristan Displacements Situation Report #1

Situation Report
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Sources of Information: Reports from Partners/Field Office, NDMA, Desk based Research and UNOCHA Sitrep #3

• HRF Pakistan is sharing these situation reports for its donors and supporters, residing nationally and internationally, in order to launch a humanitarian response for IDPs.

• 456,508 people have been displaced, includes 120,110 males, 143,996 females and 192,442 children.

• 27 families (227 persons) have opted to stay in at Baka Khel (FR Bannu) located near Baran Dam.

• Registered families being provided @ Rs. 12,000 per family (Rs. 5,000 for kitchen sets and Rs. 7,000 for ration purchase). Presently cash has been distributed to 4,777 affected families.

• 5,741 Food Packets have been distributed to families so far.

• NDMA has handed over 2,000 tents to FDMA.

• PDMA KP has handed over 1,000 tents to DC Bannu.

• NDMA has handed over 12x 3.5kva Generators, 1,500x Plastic Mats, 24x Shelters to FDMA.

• Punjab Government has sent 50 trucks carrying Tents (20 trucks) and Flour/Rice (6,000 bags each, 30 trucks)

• 800x Non Food Items (NFIs) distributed

• 4,199 Pakistan Army/UAE Food Packs distributed.

• Unverified reports suggests that Government of Punjab is going to initiate a camp for 350 people in Isakhel, Mianwali. Moreover, few families from North Waziristan have also travelled into District Bhakkar.

• Kawish Welfare Trust has registered 150 families in Lakki Marwat and have distributed food ration to the IDP families on 27th June 2014.

• 90,000 + IDPs have moved to Afghanistan.

• The main priority needs are food, health, protection activities as well as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

• Urgent funding resources are needed to scale up the humanitarian response.

• Human Relief Foundation’s team is visiting Districts Lakki Marwat and Bannu from 28th June 2014 onwards to identify local partners, identification of focus areas, verify the gaps indicated by reports and to select locations where it will initiate its humanitarian response. Kawish Welfare Trust is one of the facilitators.