NDMA Monsoon 2020 Daily Situation Report No. 091 (23 September 2020 1300 hours to 24 September 2020 1300 hours)



3 Flood Relief Activities

a. Relief Camps Establis hed. 196x relief camps established in different parts of Sindh. Currently, 23,629x persons are residing in relief camps established in Sindh.

b. Rescue Activities

(1) 2,333x persons evacuated in District Khushab.

(2) 8,799x persons evacuated in Karachi.

(3) 175x families (1,245 individuals) evacuated by Armed Forces and District Administration from Yousaf Goth, Sarjani Town and adjoining Goths, District Karachi.

(4) 299x persons evacuated using 10x boats in District Dadu by Armed Forces and District Administration.

c. Aviation Activities. NTR.

d. Relief Activities. Consolidated state of relief activities in attached as Annex A.

4 Threat to Next Likely Areas. NTR.

5. River Discharges. All major rivers are flowing at Below Low Flood Level. Details of river discharges is attached as Annex B.