NDMA Monsoon 2017 Daily Situation Report No. 002 (Period covered: 1300 HRS 02 July 2017 – 1300 HRS 03 July 2017)


1. Rivers Flow Situation Reported by Flood Forecasting Division. All rivers are flowing at Normal Level except River Kabul at Nowshera which is at Low. Details at Annex A.

2. Past Meteorological Situation and Future Forecast by PMD. No significant rainfall reported in last 24 hours. Forecast for next 24 hours predicts mostly dry weather, except some wind-thunderstorms / rains over parts of Punjab and Balochistan. Details at Annex B.

3. Dam Levels Serial Reservoirs Max Conservation Level (Feet)
Current Level (Feet) Percentage a. Tarbela 1,550.00 1,473.60 95.1% b. Mangla 1,242.00 1,200.65 96.7%

4. Significant Events. Flash flooding was reported in Tehsil Hub, District Lasbela, Balochistan on 29 June 2017. 14 x deaths were reported by District Administration. 11 x deceased were recovered till 2 July 2017.

5. Road Situation (NHA and Respective Provinces). All roads across the Country are clear for all types of traffic.

6. Railway Situation. All railway routes are clear for traffic.

7. Preliminary Losses / Damages Reported. To date 38 x deaths, 58 x injured and 60 x houses damaged have been reported. Overall details of losses / damages during Monsoon Season 2017 are at Annex C.

8. Relief Provided a. 100 x tents, 100 x bags dry ration, 100 x bags of rice, 100 x plastic mats, 100 x mosquito nets, 50 x kitchen sets, 50 x Sleeping bags, 50 x water tanks and 20 x wheel chairs were provided by PDMA Balochistan to the affectees of District Lasbela.

b. Overall details of relief provided are at Annex D.

9. Any Critical Activity to Report. Nothing to Report.

10. NDMA Recommendation. Recent rains have highlighted some of the weaknesses / anomalies which if not addressed can aggravate flooding situation in urban centres as well as along the water courses:-a. Clearance of sewerage / drainage system.

b. Shifting of people residing in / close to river plains / water courses.

c. Raising awareness to public with regards to vacating dangerous buildings, remaining away from electric wires and avoid swimming during rain.