NDMA Monsoon 2017 Daily Situation Report No. 001 (Period covered: 1300 hrs 29 June 2017 – 1300 hrs 30 June 2017)


Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Climate Change
National Disaster Management Authority (Prime Minister’s Office)

1. Rivers Flow Situation Reported by Flood Forecasting Division. Annex A.

2. Past Meteorological Situation and Future Forecast by PMD. Annex B.

3. Dam Levels Serial Reservoirs Max Conservation Level (Feet)
Current Level (Feet) Percentage a. Tarbela 1,550.00 1,456.55 94% b. Mangla 1,242.00 1,196.15 96.3%

4. Significant Events. Following significant events were reported:-a. GLOF incident reported at Village Anoch, UC Yarkhoon, Tehsil Mastuj, District Chitral on 26 June 2017. Details are:

(1) 1,500 feet of roadway was washed away, cutting off Villages Yarkhoon and Broghil from Mastuj.

(2) Approximately 1,000 houses were cut off.

(3) No human losses were reported.

(4) C&W Department Chitral restored pedestrian route to the area.

b. Heavy thunderstorms on 28 June 2017 in Districts Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Jhang and Khanewal caused some minor losses.

5. Road Situation (NHA and Respective Provinces).

a. N-45 at Lowari Top was blocked due to landslide at km 231 & 241 on 28 June 2017.
NHA cleared landslide at Lowari Top, route is now open.

b. All other roads across the Country are clear for all types of traffic.

6. Railway Situation.

Nothing to Report.

7. Preliminary Losses / Damages Reported.

Overall details of losses / damages during Monsoon Season 2017 are at Annex C.

8. Relief Provided. DDMA Chitral dispatched 150 bags of wheat, while 450 are being sent. Sufficient supply of medicines have also been supplied.

9. Any Critical Activity to Report.

Nothing to Report.

10. Any Recommendation.