Muslim Hands COVID-19 Response in Pakistan

Situation Report
Originally published


With regards to the COVID Response in Pakistan we have initiated our activity from March 2020 through partnering with National Disaster Management Authority which was further expanded through Provincial Disaster Management Authorities all over Pakistan and AJK. The spread of activities not just in major cities it has been dripping in other small towns through area and regional offices of Muslim Hands. Muslim Hands farsighted the scenario of day by day increase in cases and the capacity of health facilities all over and put together the efforts through NDMA and PDMA; s, Till date we have provided more than 200,000 protection items based on needs of Epicenters and more than 30000 dry ration packs for one month in our operational areas all over Pakistan and AJK.

To date we have invested PKR 150 million on COVID protection equipment’s and dray ration packs and the projected amount for next 4-5 months will be PKR 150 million, in total around PKR 300 million would be expected to be spent on COVID response from Muslim Hands core funding. Along with this our staff of around 1800 and volunteers are also deployed from our Country Office, Regional and Area offices all over Pakistan and AJK.