Monsoon Update 5 September 2011


Situation Overview

Monsoon Situation and its Impact

The current monsoon spell is likely to reinforce itself between 6-8 September in its impact over Sindh, NE and central Balochistan and South Punjab. Thereafter, rains in the southern parts of the country are likely to dissipate but they will continue to have a moderate impact across the northern regions;

The monsoon rains in Sindh have flooded vast tracts in the rural regions mainly due to water accumulation in a relatively flat terrain configuration. In contrast, flood waters in Balochistan tend to have a sudden onset impact in the semi-mountainous / mountainous terrain;

The Flood impact is vastly accentuated due to widespread breaches in agricultural canals and saline water drains mainly in Sindh, and in other affected regions;

The current rains spell is impacting across some of the 2010 Floods seriously affected districts, which means that the residual vulnerabilities are being reflected in the emerging humanitarian situation;


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