Monsoon: Info Report, 16-08-13

from Pakistan Red Crescent Society
Published on 16 Aug 2013


  • As indicated by various reports of PMD and PWP, the intense spell of Monsoon rains will now subside all over the country. The major concern is of water management in dams and reservoirs, failure to do so may result in many villages being inundated. Catchment areas and tributaries of Chenab and Ravi at high alert.

  • So far, according to NDMA report of 15th August 2013, the 2013 monsoon rains have caused 96 deaths (including 1 missing) and 99 people got injured in 355 villages all over the country. NDMA is quoting a figure of 98,212 persons as being affected. The Govt. has established 18 relief camps and 1170 people are residing in them.

  • PRCS is alert and ready in all the provinces. Disaster response trained teams conducted assessments where required. They are in coordination with the local Govt. and monitoring the situation as it develops. A special multisectoral team has been deployed to assess DG Khan and RajanPur districts.