Monsoon flooding in Pakistan

from DanChurchAid
Published on 27 Jul 2015 View Original

Monsoon rains started in late July but have already created chaos in different parts of Pakistan. DCA has pledged half a million DKK

Monsoon rains and flood continues to create havoc in different parts of the flood-affected areas leaving thousands of families affected, large number of houses destroyed, thousands of acres of ready to harvest crops and fruits orchards have been damaged, link roads and bridges destroyed.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued high alert in the wake of expected widespread heavy rain and flood.

Relief assistance that has been provided so far is insufficient and most of the unattended affected people will remain at high risk requiring immediate lifesaving assistance.

Sindh being the tail-ender has always been the most affected province and is likely to be among the most affected by recent rains and flooding in the coming couple of days. Community World Service Asia has operational offices and teams in Sindh.

The teams are on the ground monitoring the situation, and will be leading the emergency response. The field team is coordinating with key stakeholders to plan to address emergency needs of the population by providing food, NFIs and emergency medical assistance in affected districts.

So far DCA has pledged half a million DKK towards the emergency work