Monsoon 2015 Response - Situation Report 1



Erratic monsoon rains, Glacial lake outburst, cloud outburst and resulting torrents along with flash floods hit different upper KP, Punjab, GB and Balochistan. According to the available reports of NDMA dated 22nd July, 2015 and various reports from PDMA and local authorities, Monsoon rains have so far affected 322,000 people and caused 9 deaths in Punjab, KP and Balochistan.

As per the reports of Pakistan Flood forecasting division, next two to three days are critical for Punjab, upper KP, eastern Balochistan and Kashmir, whereas Sindh needs to be prepared for managing the increased water influx.

In KP, PRCS is responding by providing essential non food items pack containing tent, blankets, tarpaulin sheets, kitchen set, hygiene kits and jerry cans to those families who have fully damaged houses. So far 29 families of village Orgoush in Chitral have been assisted. Response shall continue as the areas become accessible.

In Punjab and GB PRCS teams are in process of conducting rapid assessment of the affected areas in coordination with local authorities while in Sindh and Balochistan the PRCS teams are on standby and closely monitoring the situation.