Monsoon 2014 Final Report

Situation Report
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Summary: In the first week of September, the four eastern rivers of Pakistan (Chenab, Ravi,
Sutlej, Jhelum) overflowed and triggered flash flooding in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK),
Gilgit Baltistan (GB), and Punjab regions. This resulted in loss of life, inundation of a large area of land, damage to property and infrastructure, and agriculture and livestock losses. According to the report of NDMA dated 15th Oct, 2014 and Recovery Framework 2014-2016, Monsoon rains had affected 2.53 million caused 367 deaths and 673 people got injured in AJK,
Punjab,KP and GB.

Assessment reports listed the most critical needs as food, emergency health, safe water and emergency sanitation services, emergency shelter and essential household items.

PRCS Response: In response to the disaster situation, the PRCS launched a response operation focusing on health and care, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, shelter and settlements and food security, nutrition and livelihoods.

During initial phase of response PRCS catered the emergency needs of the people through provision of 4500 x Food packs of 22 kg, supported by DRC, in different districts of Punjab along-with provision of Non Food Items (NFIs) (comprising of emergency shelter & essential household items) to 3,370 x families. While health services were provided to 12,945 individuals through deployment of mobile health units in flood affected districts of Punjab and AJK.

Assistance from the IFRC was sought through launching of Request for Disaster Response Emergency Funds, which was followed by Emergency Appeal to reach out to 10,000 HH to provide emergency health services, food rations and non food assistance. The planned food distribution to 10,000 families under the emergency appeal has been completed on the successful note in the flood affected districts of Punjab,GB and AJK.

In addition 3,003 food packs supported by Danish Red Cross have been distributed in districts of Punjab and AJK. The distributions of 1000 x food packs (25 kg) with support of Turkish Red Crescent has also been completed in Sialkot, Punjab.

In total, other than distribution of cooked food provided to 111,000 individuals in the initial phase, PRCS in its total response to Monsoon 2014, has reached to over 144,165 individuals through provision of FIs (dry ration) and NFIs, while health & care service along with free medicines has been provided to 23,720 individuals.