Medical Services of HANDS in affected areas of SINDH

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Recent flooding in southern Pakistan has disrupted health services in 22 out of 23 districts in Sindh province. Flood waters have resulted in 247 deaths and damaged or destroyed more than one million homes – approximately 5.4 million people have been affected and destroyed or damaged nearly one million homes, and flooded 17,000 km2 of land. In the worst situation HANDS has been delivering services the southern part of Sindh for last three weeks. We have mobilized our local medical teams in response to the recent flooding in Sindh. And providing emergency health services, including reproductive health and hygiene education. Since the beginning of September, HANDS medical teams in Sindh provided 22624 health consultations through a network of mobile and static health clinics throughout Sindh. Among the most commonly reported illness were acute watery diarrhea, acute respiratory illness, malaria and scabies. HANDS also provided psychosocial support to 1023 individuals and health and hygiene education to 8672.