Logistics Cluster - Pakistan Monsoon Floods - Situation Report - (11 August 2010)

Situation Report
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Pakistan - Monsoon Flooding


- The Logistics Cluster is in the process of establishing logistics hubs in Peshawar, KPK Province, Multan, Punjab Province and Sukkur Sindh Province. Cluster Officers are being deployed to each of these hubs to augment the response capacity.

- All Logistics Cluster participants will have access to temporary storage facilities; all interested organisations should submit a Temporary Storage Request form that is available on the Logistics Cluster website (

Situation Update

- Torrential monsoon rains have lashed Pakistan for two weeks, triggering catastrophic flooding that the UN states has affected 14 million people; of which almost 6 million are in need of assistance. Flood waters from the country's North West have now moved south and reached upper parts of the Sindh province, where latest estimates from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority place the number of affected people at 1.3 million, with 700,000 evacuated. In eight affected districts of the Punjab Province, the estimated figure of over 1.6 million people is likely to rise. In Baluchistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir (AJK) number of the affected currently stand at 300,000 and 120,000, respectively. The flood wave is now passing through Guddu and Sukkur barrages with the potential threat of the Sukkur Barrage overflowing, meaning Sindh will face as much devastation as that seen in KPK and Punjab Provinces.

Logistics Coordination

- KPK Province: The Logistics Cluster is liaising with the Government of Pakistan to coordinate requests from participants for air-lift operations for the distribution of relief supplies. The Cargo Request Form has been updated and is available on the Logistics Cluster website: (

- The Logistics Cluster has Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) on hand with 25 additional expected by the end of the week, the plan is to erect these in Peshawar. The MSUs will serve as a hub for temporary storage of humanitarian cargo.

- An LRT trained Logistics Cluster Officer will be deployed in Peshawar to augment the logistics and coordination needs for KPK by the end of the week.

- Punjab Province: The Logistics Cluster is establishing a logistics hub in Multan and has identified a Logistics Cluster Officer to be deployed to initiate coordination activities. In addition storage facilities have been identified to augment capacity.

- Sukkur, Sindh Province: The Logistics Cluster is on the ground establishing a logistics hub and has deployed a dedicated Logistics Cluster Officer for this hub.

- An Information Management Officer has been identified and will be based in Islamabad.

- For security reasons, limited maps are being published on the Logistics Cluster website. For information on maps please contact us at

Air Operation

- KPK: Heli-lift operations based in Ghazi continue to deliver humanitarian supplies to Kalam in Upper Swat, having been resumed after several days of suspension due to the poor weather conditions. Two additional heli-lift operations have begun: 1) a Khwazakhela-based operation to support flood affected areas in Swat and 2) an Abbotobad-based operation to support flood affected areas in Kohistan.

Road Conditions

- Gilgit and Hunza remain inaccessible and access to Muzaffarabad is possible by road, but the Neelum and Jhelum valleys are inaccessible from Muzaffarabad. Punjab: Road from Mianwali to Multan has multiple bottlenecks where roads are damaged/flooded. IOM has suggested taking the following route from Islamabad to Multan: Islamabad-Pindi Bhattian- Chiniot-Jhang-Shorkot-Multan.