Kashmir Earthquake: Situation Updates Azad Jammu & Kashmir No. 2 (30 September 2019)

Situation Report
Originally published


Summary Highlights

Below is the key development of the situation during the reporting period by Muslim Aid’s Emergency Response Team.

– Since September 24th earthquake district Mirpur is receiving aftershocks on a daily basis which is increasing the suffering of the affected families. On September 25th second strong jolt was felt in New Mirpur City area with maximum reported urban affectees who were suffering from the traumatic condition. A total of 14 aftershocks have occurred.

– Prime Ministers of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan paid a visit to DHQ hospital and condoled with admitted patients.

– ERT collected first-hand information from different affected families of Mirpur including Urban Mirpur, KalKotah, Mughalpura West Chechian and Chabirriyan villages which is severely damaged due to subsequent earthquakes/aftershocks.

– ERT carried out a rapid need assessment of the villages namely Kalkotha, Mughalpura West Chechian and Chabirriyan which are in 10 KM radius of the main city of Mirpur and it was decided that 180 families of the village required food supply and tents for shelter.

– A total of 250 cooked food packs were distributed and 180 tents were distributed among the affected families.

– ERT extended support to the government by deploying a dedicated ambulance at their disposal to cate for referral cases.

– ERT had a meeting with key stakeholders including Commissioner, District Health Officer, District Education Officer, other partners organisations and line departments.

– Muslim Aid and Muslim hands agreed to work in consultation and coordination.

– GEO News team was contacted to cover the situation and relief activities of MA Pakistan.

– District Health Officer issued a letter of request to Muslim Aid for the reconstruction of BHU Pulmunda village and supplies of medicines.

– All partners agreed to fill their respective intervention on 4W matrix, and they are bound to submit to this particular data collection and monitoring at the Muslim Hands office.

– It was also agreed to conduct a detail technical damages assessment in consultation with the government to respond to this emergency in a systematic way.

– MA country office has contacted suppliers to ensure the availability of relief items as per needs identified.

– A call for psychiatrists and volunteers was advertised on social media and official website

– Partners organisations, donors and civil society organisation including media and academia approached MA for collaboration and partnership.

– MA ERT participated in a meeting coordinated by National Humanitarian Network chaired by Brig.
Mukhtar to discuss the response plan considering initial damage assessment conducted by the government line departments.

– MA ERT has initiated rehabilitation works and engineering team is working on different models of shelters in consultation with NDMA and other line-departments.