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International Rescue Committee, Pakistan - Annual Report 2021


Message from the Country Director

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect the communities we work with causing, health, education, and socio-economic situations at unprecedented scale and impact.

Widespread lockdowns, school closures, and lack of income generation opportunities disproportionately affected the poor, women, minorities, and other vulnerable groups. The situation connoted unique openings and challenges - we are extremely grateful to our donors for continuing to support our clients in need despite the pandemic. Their inspirational generosity allowed the International Rescue Committee and its partners to build on the foundations of vital projects. With their support, we synergized crafting a comprehensive response that seeks to save lives, provide support to the vulnerable, empower, and build capacities in better ways. Despite all odds, we were able to carry on educating children in our ALP centers, hand out unconditional grants, work towards empowering and supporting women in the country, provide hundreds of communities with WASH solutions and extensive health response, COVID-specific and otherwise. The fact that we were able to expand our work during an economic crisis is a testament to the world's (donors’) commitment to make this world a better place for all.

We are also actively invested in inking short and long-term solutions to channel development in the country. In partnership with the national and the local governments, through the commitment of our partners and the hard work of our teams, we harbored many successes amongst all the difficulties. The collective dedication to helping others has allowed us to provide emergency relief and transform the lives of millions across the country. We aspire to continue to grow and expand our programmes, build our network of partners, increase local capacity, and work alongside communities to meet their needs and improve their lives.

None of these achievements would have been possible without our staff and partners’ hard work, especially those tirelessly and fearlessly working in the field, supporting communities - our staff, at all levels, continued to deliver solutions to address the most urgent needs of our clients. I am deeply grateful for their dedication and flexibility, especially amid these difficult circumstances.

Shabnam Baloch Country Director