Initial Rapid Assessment Report For Flood in Tehsil Rojhan and Tehsil Jampur, District Rajanpur August 15th, 2013

from Partner Aid International
Published on 15 Aug 2013

Date of Survey: Thursday 15th August 2013. Time: 10:00 hrs. – 18:00 hrs.

Area assessed: Tehsil Jampur, Tehsil Rojhan – District Rajanpur.

PartnerAid Rapid Assessment Team:

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad – Program Manager.

  • Ashar Munir - Field Finance Officer.

Rajan Pur is a District of Punjab. It is located in southern Punjab. It consists of three tehsils namely Rojhan Mazari, Jam pur and Rajan Pur. In August due to the heavy rains flash floods started. Rajan Pur district is badly affected by these flash floods. In Rajan Pur flood water came from Kah Sultan and Shacher torrent (rivulet). This flood water hit the different union councils of Rajan Pur. Hundreds of houses damaged fully and partially and inhabitants sitting under open sky. The displaced people have sought shelter in streets and other public buildings in and around their chaks (villages). Thus, there is an urgent need for non food items (NFIs) including mattresses, mosquito nets, Kitchen utensils, fuel for daily cooking and hygiene kits. Yearly food stock is almost completely washed away, while livestock has suffered considerable loss. Thus affected people facing critical condition and will suffer economically for at least one whole year as their current crop is damaged at large scale. According to affectees this flood is larger than the one, some 40 years ago.