Individual fates in Pakistan – Let us look closely where others don’t look at all

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Villages in the area of Hathango

by Hannah Janvarious/DWA

You are welcome to accompany us again to the life situations of some people our coordinator Dr. Toni Großhauser and Hannah Janvarious from PMS (Pak Mission Society) met in Pakistan. Dr. Großhauser and Janvarious took the time to get to know people’s concerns. They would like to give you an impression of the at times unimaginable living conditions of many families.

3rd encounter: Moti

Moti is a simple worker and inhabitant of the village of Usman Chaniho A. He has two sons and four daughters and has to provide for his family on his own since none of his children can give him a hand.

He has a monthly income of 4.000 Pakistani rupees, which is equivalent to about 30 euros. He almost cannot afford the basic necessities for himself and his children. The village populations, who are poor anyway, still suffer from the severe consequences of the flood that hit Pakistan in September 2011 and destroyed all areas of the southern part of Sindh, among them the village of Usman Chaniho A.

The flood ruined the houses, just swept them away. Many people were forced to leave their villages and move to higher-lying areas where they had to survive with almost nothing.

The inhabitants of Usman Chaniho A had to endure this situation for four whole months before they could finally return to their village and put up makeshift shelters there. Lacking the necessary financial means, the families cannot rebuild their houses without help and support from outside.

During the exploratory trip that was carried out by the humedica partner Pak Mission Society in Pakistan in order to find those families who needed help the most, they met Moti. Hannah Janvarious and her team were moved by the fate of this man and his family.

Now, Moti is one of the beneficiaries and he is full of hope that, with the support of PAK and humedica, he will soon have a more comfortable and better protected home for his family.

4th encounter: Jethanand

Jethanand Harji is a poor tenant who owns very litte. Since 2005 he has been living in the village of Babar Hingoro, a part of the community of Hathango.

The Pakistani is the father of one daughter and four sons. He has a monthly income of rarely more than 3.000 Pakistani rupees (equivalent to about 23 euros). He has no cattle or any other sources of income. He barely manages to provide his family with two meals a day.

In 2011, the flood destroyed his home completely. Since he still has debts of 9.500 rupees, it is difficult for him to build a new house for his family.

On the PMS assessment visit, Jethanad was registered for the project. Now he is happy and grateful that in future he will be able to offer his family better protection in a new home.

Further reports about the individual fates of people in Pakistan will follow in the third part of this series. Accompany the people of Pakistan through their daily hardships, through tragic disasters that left them with nothing, into a new beginning, which is only possible for them with the help and support from outside, from humedica and other aid organisations.