Impact of flood-induced displacement on women in Sindh province

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The July and August 2010 floods in Pakistan caused the largest displacement in the country’s history, of over 11 million people. Women faced particular challenges and discrimination in the extreme circumstances which followed, before, during and after their displacement.

They are not, however, a homogenous group. An IDMC study in April and May 2011 found that an effective response to protect and assist displaced women and their families must take into account the diversity of different areas of Pakistan, and the specific coping strategies and needs of different women in their varying situations of displacement. For example, many IDPs who remained near their original homes were highly vulnerable, but less visible than those who were able to move further away to camp locations. Local policies and mechanisms for aid delivery must provide a stronger framework for protecting IDPs in all locations, with particular measures to meet the needs of those most exposed to risk, including women.