Hygiene is Health

“Hygiene is two thirds of health and PRCS is perfectly implementing this” (says Director MBQ Blind Welfare Complex)

Muhammad Bin Qasim was a blind person who started this project in South Punjab in 1979; it was first Institute in south Punjab for visually blind person. It is not only providing education but as well as skills like computer operator, carpenter, phone operator, handicraft making & others.

There are near about 100 students Boys & girls who are totally blind. There are 3 hostels. Students of remote areas are studying in this institute .source of financial support is only Zakat, Charity & Donation.

Pakistan Red Crescent Provincial Branch donated Digital Hand Sanitizing Booth & Washing station to Muhammad Bin Qasim Blind Welfare Complex. More than 100 students will be benefited from this facilitation.

Sadia Kirmani (Director Muhammad Bin Qasim Blind Welfare Complex Multan) said that due to the ongoing pandemic in the country, it was need of the hour to install Hand Sanitizer booth and hand washing station in our facility in order to adopt protective measures and safe our students from drastic effects of Covid-19. She further briefed the team of PRCS Punjab about this institute & discussed the challenges of blind students. She told that there are many students who are doing jobs in different Government offices after completion their education.

Learning sanitization and hand washing to the visually impaired persons

PRCS Punjab team met the visually blind students & guided them as how to wash & sanitize their hands. They followed the instructions & practiced of hand sanitizing. ECHO Focal person told that although they are special person having special & extra ordinary abilities but they are fast learner. They learnt how can they was & sanitizing their hands.