The Humanitarian Supplies Provided by Chinese Government to Pakistan for Earthquake Relief Set out

from Government of the People's Republic of China
Published on 02 Oct 2013 View Original

At about 16:00 on September 28, the humanitarian supplies provided by Chinese government to Pakistan government for earthquake relief set out from Beijing Capital International Airport. Such batch of supplies will set out for Karachi Airport, Pakistan from Beijing and Nanjing in three sorties, respectively, among which, two sorties were dispatched on September 28, and one sortie was dispatched on September 29.

Such batch of supplies mainly include the small generators, the medical supplies, emergency rescue equipment, water purification units, emergency communication equipment and other supplies commonly used in disaster relief, together with the tentage and blanket for victims to winter.

On September 24, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Balochistan, Pakistan, resulting in heavy casualties and property losses. In order to deliver friendly feelings of Chinese government and people to Pakistan government and people, the Chinese government decides to provide Pakistan government with assistances including a spot exchange of USD1.5 million and the humanitarian material assistance of RMB30 million, for the Pakistan government to rescue the victims in the violent earthquake.

China will also actively consider participating in the reconstruction of earthquake stricken area in Pakistan in light of the needs of Pakistan government.

Translated by Huang Lin