Health Situation Report #9 - Pakistan: North Waziristan Displacement


Epidemiological situation from the camp & three registration point:

  • The above data is received from District Health Office is of IDP camp Bakka Khel and 3 registration points (Bannu Sports Complex, Elementary Education Training Camp Ghoriwala and Mamash Khel Degree College Bannu).

  • Report received from District Health office suggested that Other Acute Diarrhea (OAD) accounted for 33% or 2,296 cases of the total patients (6,974 consultations), which were reported from 22nd June, to 14th July, 2014.

  • Out of the total patient’s consultations received, Acute Respiratory tract Infections (ARI) accounted for 19.2 or 1,336 cases.

  • Unexplained Fever patient consultations were 10.6 or 742 cases.

  • Skin Infections (SCB) accounted 2% or 134 cases of the total patient consultations.


1 A total of four measles cases/alerts were responded during reported period (22nd June to 12th July, 2014).

2 One suspected CCHF case/death was reported from district Bannu, The case was Butcher by profession. Laboratory results are awaited.

950,000 Internally Displaced from North Waziristan Agency

Medicines & supplies

  • 46 EHKs provided to cover 414,000 population worth US$ 253,000 till 30 July 2014

  • 05 DDKs provided to cover 500 severe diarrhoeal cases

  • 65 staff members and 11 vehicles including two ambulances provided by PIMS

  • 50000 ORS distributed

DEWS data for patients’ consultations:

  • 33% gastrointestinal diseases

  • 19.2% acute respiratory infections

  • 10.6% fever  2% Skin infecti

Health Cluster

US$ 6.8 Million requested (US$ 680,000 pledged from CERF which is 10% to jump start)

Over-burdened Health Facilities:

  • 01 District Headquarters Hospital

  • 02 Tehsil Headquarters Hospital

  • 03 Rural Health Centers

  • 34 Basic Health Units

  • 02 Mother and Child Health Centers

  • 46 Civil Dispensaries

399,019 individuals were vaccinated on the permanent transit posts (PTPs) in south Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA from 21st May to 13th July