Health Cluster Updates Pakistan: Emergency Health Response - Floods 2012 (December, 2012)

from World Health Organization
Published on 31 Dec 2012 View Original


  • Due to the damaged health infrastructure many health facilities are unable to provide health services out of which some are covered by temporary health posts and mobile health units/camps. The damaged health facilities need to be re activated for provision of health services to the affected communities. (291 (49%) health facilities out of 600 have been partially/fully damaged in the three provinces).

  • WHO and Health Cluster Partners need funds for maintenance and strengthening of surveillance of communicable diseases and outbreaks, and provide the minimum initial services package for reproductive health in the flood-affected areas. Funds are also needed for essential package of PHC services implementation which will cater the needs in terms of HR capacity, damages to health infrastructure, overloaded HFs and low medicines stock.

  • More funding is required to replenish the medical supplies and rehabilitate 291 of 600 health facilities (49 per cent) that have been damaged in 12 flood-affected districts.

  • Most of the safe water sources are damaged and population is turning towards unsafe sources to meet its needs that may result in rise in the water borne diseases during coming weeks. Water quality monitoring and control need to be enhanced as most of the water sources are contaminated.