HANDS COVID-19 Response Updated Report 06, May 2, 2020

Situation Report
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Health Services

03 Isolation wards established in Sindh Govt Hospitals at Ibrahim Hyderi & Murad Memon Goth District Malir under PPP

19 non-technical staff appointed for Quarantine Centers of Dumba Goth and Gadap Malir Karachi in partnership with Unicef.

930 Health Care Providers (HCPs) & 3600 Marvi Workers, trained on effective use of Personal Protective equipment’s & Coronal related Inter Personal Communication.

3,337 villages/settlements of 12 districts were reached to continue Reproductive Health & Family Planning services.

146,593 Women of Reproductive Age given health and counseling Services.

13,481 Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women’s received nutrition supplements that is RUTF, IFA, MNP through 07 Out Patient Therapeutic Program (OTPs) through 95 Marvi Workers.

Provision 35,000 soaps for promotion of hand-wash at Marvi centers in Tharparkar, Badin and Umerkot.

HANDS conducted Situation and Gap Analysis (reports available on regarding state of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) at Quarantine and Isolation Facilities in Sindh

06 Ambulances are deployed to isolation centers and quarantine centers of District Malir under Public Private Partnership

Supply of PPEs including 66,000 disposable gloves; 25,000 Surgical face masks; 3,600 Head covers; 2,600 Long sleeve gowns; 3,600 Shoe covers & 650 hand Sanitizers to HFs in district Malir under PPP project. Additionally, in KHI & Hyd. 4500 hand Sanitizers; 16,000 face masks; 6000 Soaps; 02 Goggles; 02 Tyvek Suits were provided to HCPs with the support of OXFAM. Moreover 305 Suits for HCPs; 40 Dustbins; 67 wall Sanitizers; 582 Antiseptic Soaps; 64 Kits for Sanitarian; 20 Floor Disinfectant Liquid Chlorine -30-liter Gallon; 08 Bleaching Powder Sodium Hypochlorite - 25 Kg Bag; 38,500 disposable gloves; 45,000 Surgical Gloves; 15,000 Soaps were provided to 22 HFs in 09 districts of Sindh with the support of UNICEF.