HANDS COVID-19 Response Updated Report 03, April 02, 2020

Situation Report
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The recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has caused massive catastrophe in China, Italy, USA, Iran and many other countries including Pakistan. The World Health Organization WHO has already declared Emergency throughout the world and followed up by emergency declaration in Pakistan.

Health Services

  • HANDS 40 Health facilities (Public Private Partnership Project at district Malir with GOS, BRSP Project with Eni Oil & Gas Company at Jamshoro, with philanthropist support at Mirpurkhas and Shaikhupura Pumjab) are engaged in facility based COVID-19 awareness raising campaigns. Some centers also providing Psychosocial counseling.

  • Isolation wards are established in Sindh Government Hospitals at Ibrahim Hyderi & Murad Memon Goth Malir.
    Under PPP

  • 02 Ambulances are deployed with DC Malir COVID-19 at Quaidabad Quarantine Centers in partnership with GoS

  • Continuous supply of Personal Protection Equipment’s (PPEs) 34 Health Facilities under PPP Project at District Malir in partnership with GoS. It includes 66,000disposable gloves; 25,000Surgical face masks; 3,600Head covers; 2,600Long sleeve gowns; 3,600 Shoe covers and 650 hand Sanitizers provided

  • All HANDS PPP Project Health Facilities District Malir fumigated

  • 19 non-technical staff appointed for Quarantine Centers of Dumba Goth and Gadap in partnership with UNICEF.

  • 930 Health Care Providers (HCPs) in partnership with GoS, ENI and 3600 Marvi Workers (MWs), trained in partnership with PSI & BMGF on effective use of Personal Protective equipment’s and Coronal related Internal Personal Communication.

  • 26,633 community women of 751 villages of 07 districts were reached to continue Reproductive Health & Family Planning services in partnership with PSI, BMGF & PWD. 24,771 Women of Reproductive Age also attended counseling Services.

  • 4,264 Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women’s received nutrition supplements that is RUTF, IFA, MNP through 07 Out Patient Therapeutic Program (OTPs) through 95 Marvi Workers and 75 LHWs in district Tharparkar in partnership with UNICEF