HANDS COVID-19 Response Updated Report 02, March 30, 2020

Situation Report
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The recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has caused massive catastrophe in China, Italy, Iran and many other countries including Pakistan. The World Health Organization WHO has already declared Emergency throughout the world and followed up by emergency declaration in Pakistan.

Major Highlights

Telephonic Helpline established; reached by 4 235 beneficiaries.

  • Food Ration distribution continues to reach 25 000 families in 23 districts

  • 90 Awareness raising camps and hand washing stations in Karachi jointly by HANDS, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board and Unilever Pakistan.

  • Provision of 3,000 units of soaps to t he Sindh Sold Waste Management Board.

  • V oice messages on adopting hand washing and infection prevention measures disseminated at handwashing stations established in Karachi.

  • Provincial Disaster Management Authority Sindh and Balochistan are provided with 2000 Hygiene Kits under DFID funded Multiyear Humanitarian Program (MYHP)

  • 930 HCPs and 3600 Marvi workers trained on Infection Prevention and control measures and practices (IPC) and effective use of PPEs.

  • 403 villages were reached to continue RH & FP se rvices.

  • 11 176 community women received essential health services in their villages over last 5 days.

  • 415 awareness sessions by ensuring social distancing.

  • Essential Health Services and awareness on COVID 19 prevention measures continued by 3600 MARVI workers and 1900 CRPs in 0 9 districts

  • Facilitation and Technical support to 0 4 Quarantine and Isolation centers in district Malir Karachi with provision of PPEs and Infection Prevention kits.

  • 23,400 OPD clients PPP Project District Malir