HANDS and Rain affected people of Sindh

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Since August, heavy monsoon rains have caused flash floods throughout Sindh province, affecting 7 million people. More than 280 people have been killed, 1.8 million houses have been destroyed or damaged and 4.8 million acres have been flooded since late last month. More than 200,000 people have been moved to shelters while some 800,000 families hit by last year's floods are still homeless.

Reaching older people and their families, in the worst situation HANDS has distributed 1,000 foods with the support of WFP and 4000 hygiene kits have been distributed their families in Badin district similarly 1500 food bags were distributed among 1500 families in Sanghar district of Sindh province. The food bag include a month's food ration containing oil, flour, salt and other basic consumer items, including foods that are nutritious and easy for people to digest. Instead of that medical services being provided to Badin and Sanghar district from HANDS funds.