Guidelines for Mainstreaming DRR in Early Recovery Floods 2010

Manual and Guideline
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The Executive Summary

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is a cross-cutting theme to be mainstreamed into all ER interventions and also promoted through DRR-specific interventions focused on: strengthening policy and organisational structures and knowledge management for DRR with a particular focus on the highly disaster prone communities. To buttress and facilitate this work, DRR interventions are needed to strengthen the disaster management system, develop appropriate information systems for coordination and early warning, promote knowledge management for DRR, create DRR awareness and initiate community-based DRR programs. Therefore, following interventions form part of the DRR Early Recovery Strategy:

a) DRR Mainstreaming

  • Provision of generic and sector-specific DRR guidelines for the work of all other sectors;

  • Evaluation of strategies and proposed interventions of all other sectors from a DRR perspective;

  • Sensitisation and advocacy for all during the ER phase to highlight the importance of mainstreaming DRR.

b) Strengthening Policy and Organisational Structures

  • Technical Assistance for streamlining structures and activities of PDMAs and DDMAs.

c) Knowledge Management

  • Development of an integrated MIS with linkages to federal, provincial and district levels.

  • DRR mainstreaming in priority sectors by initiating the process of updating seismic and flood codes for buildings, roads and bridges and calibrating the same for districts which are prone to both earthquake and floods;

d) Community-Based DRR

  • Community-based participatory assessment in all flood affected districts of the proposed multi-hazard EWS, processes, evacuation routes, designated evacuation sites, EWS communication equipment, repair of small flood protection structures, buildings, roads, small bridges; watershed management and slope stabilization;

  • Community Awareness Programmes through CBOs and schools.