The Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division in collaboration with UN-Habitat and UNFPA reaffirm their support for the forthcoming Census

Islamabad - The Government of Pakistan Statistics Division in collaboration with UN-Habitat and UNFPA jointly inaugurated the 5th Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Laboratory on 7th May, 2012 in Islamabad.

The GIS Laboratories will serve as a platform for developing and enhancing the capacity of the existing GIS for the four provincial offices of the Population Census Organizations in Pakistan.

Mr. Rabbi Royan, Country Representative of UNFPA explained that the GIS project comes within the UN support for the Population and Housing Census in Pakistan. UNFPA provided funding to strengthen the GIS while UN-Habitat contributed to the establishing of these 5 high-tech GIS laboratories in Pakistan. During 2012, more than 100 staff will be trained in the use of GIS. All urban areas and 15% of rural area will be digitized during the year.

Mr. Siamak Moghaddam, UN-Habitat Country Programme Manager reiterated that UN-Habitat was fully committed to extend their full support in the forthcoming Census in Pakistan by employing state of the art and emerging technologies. He added that with qualified and trained staff, the PCO would be able to sustain itself beyond 2012 as a reliable and competent entity for the exchange of information with various stakeholders and State institutions, particularly for planning purposes.

Mr. Sohail Ahmad, Secretary, Statistics Division stated that the partnership between UNFPA,
UN-Habitat and the PCO was a major step forward towards building organizational capacity. He said he was happy to see the number of women that were employed in the lab, which contributed greatly towards their role in the economy.

For further information contact Ghazala Siddiqui,
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