Food Security Newsletter for Period: February - March 2014

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Tharparkar Drought 2014

Tharparkar district is situated in South East of Sindh. It is one of the districts facing extreme food insecurity and malnutrition. Untimely and low rainfall have caused crop failure, in Mithi, Chachro, Dahli, Diplo, Islam Kot Talukas and affected the agriculture production of Arid Zone where the food security and livelihoods of most households are dependent on agriculture and livestock. Last year, delay in rain prevented sowing of rain dependent crops leading to inadequate household food production and stocks. In Tharparkar, most households invest their savings in livestock which provide them dairy products for household nutrition and used to be sold to meet urgent needs in emergencies. Therefore, works like a cash bank. The current sheep pox epidemic is wiping out entire flocks of small animals, severely threatening economic well-being of the community.