Floods in Pakistan: Pakistan Health Cluster, Bulletin 19 - Focus on Donors, 28 September 2010

from World Health Organization
Published on 28 Sep 2010

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Rauf Engin Soysal of Turkey as Special Envoy for Assistance to Pakistan.

Relief activities need to be strengthened in Sindh, which reports a shortage of Health Cluster partners on the ground.

Mobilink has donated over 240 prefabricated structures to WHO. The structures are intended to temporarily replace damaged or destroyed health facilities.

Some NGO partners are pulling out of Multan due to security concerns.

The Health, Nutrition,m WASH and Food clusters have launched a joint survival strategy to ensure a more integrated, effective and timely emergency response. The strategy is being initially implemented in four districts in Northern Sindh.

The floods have destroyed crops and swept away huge agricultural areas. Cluster partners expect to see a rise in malnutrition rates in the coming weeks.