Floods in Pakistan Health Sector Bulletin No. 12: Summary of the Sindh Flood Response



The Government repatriated 10,500 families from the Jalozai to their place of origin.

Merlin is supporting 31 SHFs and 18 MHTs in Sindh.

Currently Muslim Aid is running 03 mobile health units at Mirpur Khas and 02 at Sanghar with a team of 08 doctors, 10 dispensers, 06 LHVs and 10 Support Staff. At Mirpur Khas, 8987 patients have been provided free services till 15th December, 2011.

A total of 3,913 women came to SHIFA Foundation for Antenatal Checkups. SHIFA Healthcare staff provided Postnatal Checkups to 233 patients. 5,775 children and 2,479 PLW were screened for Malnutrition. 615 children were diagnosed as having Severe Acute Malnutrition and 989 children were diagnosed as having Moderate Acute Malnutrition.

 CARE has provided primary health care to 37,531 Flood Affected People in district Mirpur Khas.

In Badin, a total of 25,962 general consultations were conducted during the reporting period by SAVE THE CHILDREN.