Flood 2015 Situation Report Rajanpur, Report 2

Situation Report
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Rajanpur is the Southern-most district of Punjab Province. It has a total population of about 1,533,0001 and is comprised of three tehsils: Jampur, Rajanpur and Rojahn. In addition, a tribal area (the so-called “de-excluded area”) lies in the Suleman range.

Being close to the river bed, the eastern part of the district (Katcha zone) is frequently hit by flooding from the Indus River due to heavy monsoon rains in July/August and snow melt in the Himalayas. This riverine flooding inundates a large part of the low lying areas along the river belt in all three Tehsils (sub-districts), namely Jampur, Rajanpur and Rojhan. The western part of the district (locally called Parched) is frequently affected by flash floods which develop in the Suleiman mountain ranges. Both these hazards bring heavy losses in the two areas that cover roughly about 80% of the area and about 60% of the population, damaging houses made of mud, land and crops, livestock and other property.

The lands in the Western (Pachadh) area are relatively steep and this tends to facilitate flashflooding from torrential rains in the Suleiman range in July/August (or in some cases February/ March). Flash floods in the Pachadh zone are considered more serious than the riverine floods both by the district officials/NGOs as well as by the communities. If modest, the flash-floods can be harnessed for the benefit of crop cultivation, however, in case of the frequent severe flashfloods, communities face heavy losses of standing crops, livestock, houses which are usually made of mud, and other physical infrastructure.


2.1. River Flood:

Due to heavy rains in the northern part of Pakistan cause water level rise in river Indus, which start to develop flooding in the suburb areas of the river banks. In Rajanpur the rise in Indus River started from 16 July 2015 and start damages of livelihood (Standing Crops) of the riverine areas from 18th July 2015. Approx maximum discharge 5, 63,932 cusec is reported which is continuously rising; All the 5 rivers of the Pakistan are joining together at Kot Mithan in District Rajanpur due to which pressure of all the 5 Rivers become maximum in the areas of Rajanpur.

2.2. Flash Flood:

Flash flood is another hazard developed from the mountains range of Koh-e-Suleman from the west side of Rajanpur. Partially Rains started in the mountains areas from the second week of July 2015.
On 18-19 July 2015 heavy rains fall on Suleman range which developed a high level flash flood in Pachadh Areas of Rajanpur which is continuous up till now. Maximum 46,855 cusec water reported to cross the Dara Kaha Sultan and 26,900 Cusec crossed the Dara Chachar. This rain water also fall in Indus River at Raikh Bagh Wala and Basti Leghari.