Farmers in Pakistan will have crops - Thanks to Development and Peace and the Canadian Government

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Published on 28 Oct 2010 View Original

After destructive floods hit Pakistan this summer, many farmers in the country have been living in fear that there will be no crops for the coming year. This could mean widespread food shortages for thousands who depend on agriculture to feed their families and their communities.

Development and Peace with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is helping to address this issue with a program that will provide emergency agricultural assistance to 6,800 families (55,000 people) in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan.

In both provinces, this program will be implemented in severely-affected districts where thousands of people have begun to start life anew. Although some land is still arable, most farmers have lost all their seed stocks. This program will not only provide seeds for planting, but will include other components to ensure that families are well-supported in regaining their livelihoods.

CIDA is providing $2 million for this much-needed program through its International Humanitarian Assistance Program. This funding comes from the Pakistan Flood Relief Fund announced on October 15th in order to help meet the humanitarian aid and early recovery needs of the affected people.

"There haven't been many provisions yet for those returning to their communities, so this program is filling an important gap. To be able to plant crops gives people a glimmer of hope that going home is possible," says Michael Casey, Executive Director of Development and Peace.

Development and Peace is also supporting several other emergency and recovery programs in Pakistan with money raised from the Canadian public.

Development and Peace is still accepting donations for this emergency response. Donations can be made by telephone (1 888 664-3387), on our website or by sending a cheque made out to Development and Peace and indicating Pakistan Floods to:

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