FACTBOX - Humanitarian crises in Pakistan in last decade

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08 Oct 2010 12:00:00 GMT

Written by: Nita Bhalla

NEW DELHI (AlertNet) - As millions of Pakistanis struggle to survive the impact caused by this year's devastating floods, the country is also marking the fifth anniversary of a more deadly disaster on Friday -- a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the northwest of the country.

Pakistan is vulnerable to earthquakes, cyclones, droughts, floods, landslides and avalanches, as well as conflict-related crises or "complex emergencies" related to the presence of militant groups

Here is a list of humanitarian emergencies in Pakistan in the last decade:

2010 - Heavy monsoon rains which began in July hit seven provinces of Pakistan, causing the mighty Indus river to burst its banks and inundate around one fifth of the country. While the death toll has been relatively low at around 2,000, more than 20 million people have been hit in what experts say is the worst natural disaster in the country's history.

2008/9 - Military operations against Taliban-linked insurgents which began in August 2008 overwhelms aid agencies and authorities who struggle to assist 3 million people who have fled their homes -- predominately in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

2008 - A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits southwest Pakistan's Baluchistan province, killing at least 160 people. Tens of thousands of people were affected by the quake and its subsequent powerful aftershocks which triggered a series of landslides.

2007 - Floods caused by heavy rainfall due to Cyclone Yemyin leave around one million homeless and 250 people dead, mainly in the southwestern provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh, including the city of Karachi.

2005 - A 7.6 magnitude earthquake kills more than 73,000 people and leaves up to 3.5 million homeless in Pakistan's Kashmir province and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The dead include thousands of children crushed to death after their schools collapsed on top of them.

2000/1 - Lack of monsoon rains in Pakistan's Baluchistan province leads to a 10 month-long drought affecting more than one million people. Aid workers say over 100 people died due to dehydration and millions of livestock -- a key source of livelihood for many communities -- perished.

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