Fact Sheet: Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF) Pakistan, November 2017


In 2010, the humanitarian community established Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF) previously known as Emergency Response Fund (ERF) as a pooled fund mechanism to provide rapid and flexible funds in the country at the onset of an emergency.
The majority of PHPF funding acts as a bridge to cover gaps in humanitarian service provision of urgent humanitarian needs. In many cases, this has been the only funding available to meet critical humanitarian needs.

Donor contributions enable funding to provide food, water and shelter projects, life-saving nutrition and medical care for people struggling to survive in humanitarian emergencies.
An accountability framework provides a set of risk management tools to address risks that i) may hinder the ability of CBPFs to achieve their objectives and ii) are present when disbursing funds to implementing partners.

In February 2015, the project budget structure and template was revised and aligned with the standard UN Development Group budget categories.
The Grants Management System (GMS) is a new mandatory tool for CBPFs and is critical in rationalizing the workload of Humanitarian Financing Units. It facilitates partners' interaction with CBPFs at all stages of the grant cycle and promotes efficiency, transparency and supports risk management.


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