Evaluation of the ECHO Funded Alliance 2015 Project "Integrated Humanitarian Support for Disaster Affected Populations in Pakistan"


Executive Summary

Pakistan has been hit by a series of flood disasters in recent years causing widespread destruction that has affected millions of people. Alliance 2015, a grouping of five European based NGOs has, with the support of ECHO, been responding to those disasters in order to meet the humanitarian needs of those affected. In June 2012 the Alliance 2015 partners ACTED, Cesvi, Concern Worldwide, People in Need and Cesvi commenced work on it fourth joint project funded by ECHO entitled “Integrated Humanitarian Support for Disaster Affected Populations in Pakistan” in which, under the leadership of Concern they implemented a project over a fourteen month period, that had the principle objective “to provide humanitarian assistance to the disaster affected population in order to support them in addressing their prioritised needs”. Work was undertaken in 5 of the 23 districts of Sindh Province with the more specific objective of ensuring those affected had access to basic shelter and WASH assistance to meet their immediate needs and reduce suffering.

The evaluation was carried out over a number of months beginning in June 2013 after selection of an external international consultant and a local national consultant. The field work part of the evaluation was undertaken in July and September 2013 guided by a Terms of Reference. The evaluation was to have a particular focus on the quality, appropriateness, timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions carried out. In order to deliver on the evaluation objectives the evaluation team utilised a number of methodologies that included literature review, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, household interviews and physical observation. Every effort was made to speak with as many relevant stakeholders as possible and view Shelter and WASH interventions in range of geographic locations as delivered by each of the 5 international NGOs and the 4 national NGOs that partnered with Concern and WHH.