Emergency Cyclone Relief (Provision of Supplies) to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (report #1)

News and Press Release
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The following emergency relief to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (provision of supplies) has been approved:

1. Emergency Situation

On May 20, Cyclone 2A hit the coastal areas of the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Gale-force winds (maximum velocity of 76.3M/sec) and high tides caused widespread damage. Reports indicate that 225 people died, over 1,500 are missing, and over 15,000 people are affected with approximately 50,000 homes and 60,000 hectares of agricultural land damaged. The damaged area included areas of mangrove forest where mud has reached knee-high depth; roughly 80% of the trees in these areas have been uprooted, causing major disruptions to traffic.

2. Response of the Pakistani Government

Prime Minister Sharif visited the affected area on May 24, and after meeting with the Sindh governor to consider relief activities, announced preparations for a $1 million budget for rescue operations.

On May 23, the Sindh governor held a high-level conference on the disaster, following which orders to begin a large-scale relief operation including provision of food, water and medical supplies, mobilization of a medical team, and restoration of electric power were announced.

The Pakistani army are navy participating in relief operations by using helicopters to rescue people isolated by the cyclone and providing relief supplies. In addition to 100 tents already delivered to the affected area, over 60 tons of food and other supplies are scheduled for transport. Furthermore, 31 camps providing shelter for 14,000 people made homeless have been set up in the affected and surrounding areas.

3. Response of the International Community

The Red Crescent is beginning relief activities

Donor organizations and countries such as the UNDP, USA, UK, and France are considering aid.

4. Response of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the request for emergency relief from the government of Pakistan, and after consultations with the Ministry of Finance, authorized provision of the following relief supplies through JICA:

Breakdown of Relief Supplies:
(to be delivered from the JICA warehouse in Singapore)

  • blankets 4000
  • oil stoves 70
(to be procured from UNICEF)
  • medical equipment (UNIPAC) 3 sets
Transport schedule: Arrangements are being made for transport to Karachi on the earliest possible flight.

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