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ECHO Factsheet – Pakistan – March 2017


Key messages

The European Union's current humanitarian actions in Pakistan focus on several separate but interrelated crises:

  • Support for people affected by the conflict in the northwest, where more than 420 000 people are presently displaced. The on-going complex emergency remains underfunded with little media attention and is classified by the European Commission as a Forgotten Crisis.

  • Support for Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. There are over 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees and an estimated 1.2 million additional undocumented Afghans in Pakistan. The European Commission funds protection activities including legal advice centres and advocacy for the preservation of asylum space, health services, and education for Afghan girls and boys in refugee villages.

  • Support for those malnourished and food insecure. A significant part of EU humanitarian funding is directed to the Sindh Province – also classified as a Forgotten Crisis - where limited access to food, water, sanitation and medical services, is exacerbated by floods and drought.

  • Response to natural disasters is also an integral part of the EU humanitarian commitment, together with disaster risk reduction, as the country is prone to natural hazards.