Earthquake response Balochistan 2021



On 7th October 2021, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck district Harnai in Balochistan Province, Pakistan. As a result of the earthquake, 20 people died, over 500 were injured and 12,502 houses and shops were damaged (PDMA/DDMA). This first-phase emergency response project will provide immediate humanitarian assistance to people affected by earthquake in Balochistan. 500 Households (approximately 3,020 people) in district Harnai are Supported through food baskets, NFIs and Hygiene kits including Disable friendly equipment to people in needs.


First Phase: Muslim Aid under its Humanitarian Programme, with the support of Provincial and District Disaster Management Authorities (PDMA/DDMA) of Balochistan, has reached out to 3,020 earthquake-affected individuals: providing Food ration for one month, Non-food items, Jerry cans, Solar Lights, Kitchen Sets and hygiene supplies. The project aimed to save lives and protect vulnerable communities in Pakistan during this national crisis.

Second Phase: Muslim Aid is providing permanent one-room shelter, Winterization Kits, Disable Friendly Equipment, Livestock Distribution/Livestock support to people affected by the earthquake in district Harnai, Balochistan. Muslim Aid will reach 6,020 individuals in the second phase of earthquake response, in total 9,040 individuals will be directly benefiting from MAP interventions.