Drought Bulletin of Pakistan (July 2022)



  • During the month of July 2022, rainfall received across Pakistan is shown in Fig, 1. Above Normal rainfall reported from most of the places in Pakistan, while some stations received exceptionally high above normal rains and caused flooding in those areas. The Chief amounts of monthly rainfall recorded across Pakistan during July 2022 are shown in Table 1

  • Precipitation during June-July2022 was above normal especially over most of the drought-prone areas of Sindh and Balochistan, due to which drought conditions have been terminated or minimized over there.

  • Monsoon rainfall is expected to be above normal over the central (Punjab) and southern parts (Sindh) of the country whereas slightly above normal rainfall is expected over remaining parts of the country.

  • Drought Conditions has been minimized due to above normal rainfall spells over Balochistan and Sindh. The disaster management authorities are requested to plan DRM activities accordingly.