Disease situation in Jalozai IDP’s camp, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Week 52 (December 23rd to 29th, 2012)

from Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization
Published on 29 Dec 2012 View Original


  • Acute Respiratory tract infections (ARI) accounted for 32% or 1,359 cases of the total patients (4,306 consultations) in all age groups and is showing 0.2% decrease in percentage of ARI patient visits as compared to week 51, 2012.

  • Other Acute Diarrhea (OAD) accounted for 4% or 167 cases of the total patient consultations in all age groups by showing 0.2% increase in percentage as compared to OAD patient visits in previous week.

  • Confirmed Malaria (MAL) shared <1% or 1 case of all patient visits in current week.

  • Skin Infections (SCB) reported as 4% or 162 cases of the total patient consultations.

  • Total of 3 alerts’ cases including 2 for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and 1 for suspected Measles were reported in this week.