Development and Peace provides additional support for Earthquake victims in Pakistan and India

from Development and Peace
Published on 10 Nov 2005
TORONTO / November 10, 2005 - Thanks to generous public support following last month's earthquake in Asia, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is increasing aid to disaster victims in Pakistan and India. The organization is sending $200,000 to each country (for a total of $400,000) to provide shelter and meet basic needs for 9,500 families.

Reconstruction in Pakistan

In Pakistan, emergency and long-term aid is being given to 5,500 families: (i) 5,000 rural families who chose to rebuild their homes rather than leave their villages; (ii) 500 families who were sent to hospitals in urban centres, and; (iii) displaced people living in temporary camps.

Emergency assistance will continue until March 2006, at which point the long-term reconstruction will begin. That phase will run until October 2008.

The work is being coordinated by Caritas Pakistan, an organization with years of experience in disaster recovery operations. Each Catholic diocese in Pakistan has dispatched humanitarian aid teams to help with the relief effort. They, in turn, are supported by Caritas Pakistan teams in the field.

Reconstruction in India

In the Uri and Baramulla areas of India, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE funds are (i) providing shelter, food and basic household items for 4,000 rural families from 12 villages; (ii) schooling for 5,000 of their children, and; (iii) a means for their parents to earn a living.

Aid in India is being tailored to individual needs. Additional temporary shelters are being provided; some partially-destroyed homes are being repaired and new homes will be built. The emergency phase of this project will last until March 2006; longer-term reconstruction will last an additional eight months, until November 2006.

The project is being managed by Caritas India, an organization with 40 years of experience providing long-term development and humanitarian aid. Caritas India serves the poor and marginalized without distinction to caste, creed or ethnic origin.

DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis, a network of 162 autonomous, Catholic, relief, development and social service organisations working in approximately 200 countries and territories

Last year DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE provided $13.5 million for 294 long term development programs in the Global South, and $3.2 million for 54 emergency relief efforts. Typical programs involve support for peace-building, human rights, agrarian reform, education, community development and economic justice.

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