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DEC Annual Report and Accounts 2010–11

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DEC launches new website and publishes annual report

The DEC has today launched a new website that will help donors see how their money is being spent and encourage more giving.

The site has been built by SiftGroups and incorporates more rich media content such as video, slideshows and interactive maps. It also includes greater social media integration and the opportunity for visitors to discuss and comment on the DEC’s work.

Visitors will also find specific details of what our members have delivered in each emergency, independent evaluations of our work and more information about how the DEC works.

DEC Chief Executive Brendan Gormley said:

“The launch of our new website heralds a step change not just in technology and functionality but also in accountability and transparency. We are aiming to make much more information about our work not just available but genuinely accessible.”

“We also aim to create a platform for our 14 member agencies to share with our donors details of their work in the most immediate ways possible – with pictures, video and Tweets from the frontline of the aid effort.”

The DEC is also today publishing its 2010-11 Annual Report which for the first time includes a break-down not just of the aid that has been delivered but how money was spent to deliver it.

One year after the floods DEC funds have been used to deliver aid to 1.8m people in Pakistan including shelter for 290,000 people, clean water for 510,000 people and food for one million people.

The cost breakdown focuses on the Pakistan Floods Appeal and shows: 75% - purchase of goods including food, tents, medical supplies 9% - international and local field staff including doctors and truck drivers 7% - logistics including transport and warehousing 6% - UK management support include monitoring, evaluation, recruitment and technical advice. 2% - Staff support including food, travel, accommodation and security. 1% - Capital expenditure including the leasing of equipment such as vehicles.

The full annual report can be downloaded or browsed online at:

Nick Torday, Account Director, SiftGroups, said: “The new DEC website concentrates on stronger story-telling to communicate how people’s money is being spent and the real difference it makes on the ground. Combined with our user-centred design process, the underlying technology of the site follows this core strategy, providing a quantum leap for the DEC in terms of how it communicates with its visitors as to where their money is going.”

The DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal has so far raised over £30m with roughly two-thirds given directly to the DEC and one-third through our member agencies. Nearly half of the funds given straight to the DEC processed so far have come in via the web and over £500,000 has been given by text donations.

No donations to any DEC appeal were used to fund the creation of the new website which was paid for with support from our member agencies.