CWS situation report: Pakistan earthquakes update 4 Mar 2004

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SITUATION: As reported in an earlier situation report (Feb. 19), an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale hit Pakistan's North-West Frontier province February 14, and a subsequent aftershock of 5.5 hit the same area. The quakes were centered in the districts of Mansehra and Battagram (also spelled Batgram). At least 24 people were killed in the disaster and more than 40 were injured. Two further quakes of mild intensity jolted Mansehra and surrounding areas again on February 15. Some 400 houses were completely destroyed and hundreds partially damaged.
An assessment by CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan said the quake affected a region already suffering severe economic hardship; harsh winter worsened an already bad situation. "This disaster added more misery to (people's) lives," CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan said in a recent report.

RESPONSE: Following an assessment by Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan staff, CWS responded by providing assistance to 100 families (some 700 persons) with food baskets and shelter kitsand tents to some additional families.

The distribution of relief items took two days, with distribution points established in the villages of Tehsil Balakot, Savour, Hangrai, Jigan and Reen - all located in extremely hilly areas.

The food baskets each contained 40 kilograms of flour, 10 kilograms of pluses, 5 kilograms of cooking oil, 1 kilogram of tea leaves, 5 kilograms of sugar and 1 kilogram of salt. Shelter kits included a tent, plastic sheet, ground sheet and two blankets. The budget for this response was $24,268 and was funded through the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International Rapid Response Fund. CWS gratefully thanks ACT for this support.

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