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Crisis Response Bulletin, June 20, 2016 - Volume: 2, Issue: 25

News and Press Release
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Highlights - NDMA attains capacity to support 300,000 disaster prone people.
- May 2016: Recorded as hottest May in modern history.
- Climate change melting 5,000 glaciers rapidly, drastic impact expected.
- Ahsan urges for installation of modern flood warning system.
- Pakistan, Afghanistan agree for effective border management mechanism to counter terrorism.
- New computer algorithm can help predict next terror attack.
- Additional Pakistan army units are ready to join UN missions.
- Army chief, US commander discuss Pakistan, Afghanistan border mechanism.
- White flags waved as Pakistan, Afghanistan agree on ceasefire.
- Polio eradication campaign begins today.
- British envoy shows interest in Punjab education reforms.
- Saaf Pani Project: All Punjab areas to get safe drinking water, says Shahbaz.