Chitral Floods 2015: Recovery Needs Assessment and Action Framework


In July – August, 2015 flash flooding, coupled with the Glacier Lake Outburst Floods of high to very high intensity, caused human losses and intensive damages to public infrastructure, houses and other buildings in various areas of Chitral District.

In the aftermath of the floods, Provincial Disaster Management Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (PDMA KP) initiated relief activities and emergency restoration in the district. The provision of emergency relief was a great support to the affected populations even though it was challenging to make the relief timely and cooperative.

Given the ramification of the destructive floods, the relief assistance had been very sufficient to cover the emergency phase until the area was again hit by the earthquake in October, 2015.
Moving beyond the restoration of the losses and damages, massive rehabilitation and reconstruction of critical infrastructure is necessary to help sustain the lives of the Chitral inhabitants. Risk of environmental hazard and climate change will continue to challenge the already vulnerable communities.

PDMA KP would like to acknowledge UNDP Pakistan, which has provided technical assistance in validating and analyzing the data, collected by line agencies and PDMA KP teams and further drafting the Recovery Needs Assessment and Action Framework. PDMA KP also highly appreciates the technical support of various line departments throughout the assessment process in Chitral, especially during data collection process.

Again, the detailed damage assessment demonstrated in this report reveals the social and physical vulnerability of Chitral to the increasingly destructive hydro-meteorological disasters and climate change impact.

The priority interventions listed in this document would hopefully be considered and transformed into immediate action that can help restore and support the lives of the affected population in Chitral.