Balochistan Snowfall: Situation updates No. 1 (18 January 2020)

Situation Report
Originally published


This situation report is prepared to highlight the affected areas of the province of Balochistan due to the recent snowfall and heavy rains. Muslim Aid (MA) Pakistan is on the ground to carry out the assessment and relief activities in close collaboration with the sector partners and government line-departments i.e. Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) – Balochistan. The information presented in this document is collected to the date of release and might change in the coming days.

Summary Highlights

Below is the key development of the situation during the reporting period by Muslim Aid’s Emergency Response Team.

– On January 11th and 12th due to heavy snowfall and heavy rainfall PDMA declared emergency in 10 districts of the province of Balochistan.

– Following the declared emergency PDMA issued a letter requesting UN agencies and national and international humanitarian organisations to support them in rescue and relief operations.

– On request of PDMA, Muslim Aid Pakistan country programme provided logistic support in rescue operations.

– On January 16th, PDMA called upon the General Coordination Meeting in provincial capital of Quetta which was attained by representatives of the UN agencies and on the ground national and international humanitarian organisations. PDMA shared data collected by the government authorities and exhibited needs of the affected districts.

– Muslim Aid’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) immediately mobilised and carried out meeting with other sector partners including Islamic Relief, HANDs, Balochistan Rural Support Programmed, National Humanitarian Network.

– Muslim Aid dispatched a letter to PDMA requesting an approval for the distribution of winterised kits among 134 families of district Killa Saifullah.

– PDMA in collaboration with UN agencies and humanitarian organisation is conducting initial assessment of the damages and required resources.

– At this stage support required to prevent affected people from weather affects as the majority of houses are made of mud which makes them risky to live in it.

– Muslim Aid has submitted a concept note to HQ to extend support to affected people through the provision of winterised kits amongst 134 families of district Killa Saifullah.

– PDMA is planning to establish sector working groups which will be functional next week.

– MA’s field staff of Balochistan are on standby for deployment to emergency response.

– WhatsApp group is created by PDAM for effective coordination among on the ground humanitarian organisation working in Balochistan.