Appeal for the humanitarian assistance to IDPs in NWFP Pakistan


(1) Project Overview:

(1.1) Background:

The latest security operation in District Dir Lower, Bunair and Swat resulted in the large displacement of the population of that area migrated to nearby safe places of Dir Upper, Malakand Agency, Swabi, Mardan and HariPur. United Nations sources has declared IDPs situation in Pakistan as the worst human displacement of the world in last fifteen years. They have also claimed that this is more critical than the displacement of Rwanda in 1994. More than 1.7 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) forced to flee fighting in the Swat, Malakand and other restive areas and the influx of IDPs is increasing day by day.

Situation in the troubled areas of NWFP has become volatile as hundreds of thousands of more people are displaced from Swat and Dir Upper.

Around 0.3 million are still on the move in different troubled areas especially in Swat, Dir lower and Dir upper. They are facing serious difficulties in traveling to safer places due to logistic problems, continuous curfew and heavy fighting.

Although no confirm figures about civilian casualties are available due to the fragile situation in the affected areas, but a number of eyewitnesses from different areas has confirmed that scores of dead bodies of civilians are lying in Swat. People of the affected areas are passing from trauma and painful conditions.

The official figures update received from the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) shows that around 133,557 families with 1.018 million individuals have so far been registered at different centers set up for registration of off-camp IDPs at Mardan, Malakand, Nowshera, Charsadda, Peshawar Swabi and Haripur.

Moreover, around 21,291 families having 162,632 persons have so far been registered at different camps set up for the newly arriving IDPs. The number of registered IDPs would increase further as large number of them who fled Mingora and other areas during relaxation of curfew on Friday have yet to be registered. The total registered IDPs including both old and fresh has increased to 244,207 families with 1.716 million individuals.

Now the total number of registered off-camp IDPs has increased to 211,073 families with 1.481 million individuals which also include the old registered 77,516 families (462,528 individuals) off-camp.

Similarly, the registered families in camps on Thursday were 33,134 having 234,589 members which also include the old registered 11,843 families with 71,957 individuals.

During last couple of days the number of previously registered IDPs in camps have reduced from 91,017 individuals to 71,957 as large number of IDPs from Bajaur have left the camps in Lower Dir and returned back to their respective areas.

Presently, 16 camps have been established for the new IDPs in different areas. The camp at Dargai in Malakand has been housing around 7,488 families with 70,867 individuals. Another major camp is at Palai/Palosa where 3,627 families have been registered having 24,726 individuals.

Moreover, in the New Jalozai Camp in Nowshera the number of registered families is 2,428 with 15,158 members. The earlier phases of Jalozai camp have already been housing 7,787 families from Bajaur and Mohmand Agencies with 47,738 individuals.

In addition to this on the basis of SYF need assessment it has been found that some of the IDPS families are also residing in District Haripur, nearly 150 families are residing in 150 quarters of Pak China Fertilizer, 200 families in Government High School No3 Kala Bat Haribur and Polytechnic Institute Haripur while majority of the scattered population approximately 700 families are residing with the host families in District Haripur

At the relief camps at Sheikh Yaseen and Sheikh Shehzad in Mardan so far 1,907 families (12,576 individuals) and 1,354 families (8,079 individuals), respectively, have been registered.

Among the off-camp IDPs the largest number, 69,055 families (587,356 persons), has been registered in Mardan, whereas 27,965 families (167,780 persons) have been registered in Swabi. Similarly, 17,645 families with 140,727 persons have been registered in Malakand; 9,534 families (58,204 persons) in Peshawar; 6,316 families (44,267 persons) in Charsadda; 3,042 families (20,575 persons) in Nowshera and approximately 1050 families are residing in the district of Haripur.

Consolidated List of the IDP Camps:

Established Camps:

1. Katch Garhi

2. Jalozai - I

3. Jalozai - II

4. Yar Hussain - Swabi

5. Shaikh Shehzad - Mardan

6. Jalala - Takhtbai/ Mardan

Established Off-camps Humanitarian Hubs:

1. Haji Camp, Peshawar (Near General Bus stand, Peshawar)

2. Nowshera (Near Social Welfare office, Nowshera)

3. Charsadda (Mushtarika Flour Mills, Rajjar by-pass road, Charsadda)

4. Mardan - I (Duranabad, Baghdada Road, Mardan)

5. Mardan - II (Sange Marmar, Mardan-Swabi Road, Mardan)

6. Mardan - III (Katlang Road, Mardan)

7. Swabi - I (Khunda More, Near Motorway Interchange)

8. Swabi - II (Aurangabad, Swabi-Mardan road, Swabi)

9. Swabi - III (Naway Kalay, Near Haider CNG, Crl Gul Sher Khan Kalay, (Shaway Adda), Swabi Road, Mardan

10. Malakand (Civil Secretariat, Batkhela, Malakand)

11. Bajaur (Political Agent (P.A.) Colony, Khar Bajaur

12. Kohat (Near Malik Fuel station, Bannu Road, Kohat)

13. Pak China Fertilizer Company Haripur

14. GHS No3 Kala Bat, Haripur

15. Polytechnic Institue Haripur

Expected Off-camps Humanitarian Hubs:

1. Takhtbai (Hujra/election office Sher Afghan Khan, Mardan Road, Takhtbai)

2. Khairabad / Rustam (Govt. High School, Khairabad)

3. Mardan - IV (Hoti Flour Mills, Mardan)